1. I Don't Wanna Be / Serious
    Sloppy Seconds

  2. Come Back, Traci / Leavin On A Jet Plane
    Sloppy Seconds

  3. Frankenstein / Mary Ann

  4. Song For God / Clove Cigarettes
    Pleasure Heads

  5. You've Been Told / What I'm After
    The M-80's

  6. Radio Jingle / Don't Need No Cocaine / You Are On Top
    Reverend Beat-Man

  7. Can't Forget About You / Excuse Me / Outta My Head
    The Razzels

  8. Angeline E.P.
    The Rosebloods

  9. I'm Weak / Summer Romance
    The New Bomb Turks

  10. Hard to Say Goodbye / You and I
    The On and Ons

  11. Under the Covers

  12. Coca-Cola / Juicy Fruit
    Original Sins

  13. Rock Old Sputnik to The Moon / Shaggy Dog
    Pink Slip Daddy

  14. Holly / Sinister Urge

  15. Or Forever (Live Without) / Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning
    Marty Ratcliffe

  16. Little Girl / She's Gone
    Mystic Eyes

  17. I Can't Wait to love You / Taste of the Same
    Mystic Eyes

  18. She's Outta The Scene / Dead Flowers
    Motherfucker 666

  19. Heaven Only Knows / Cherry Bomb / Lost Highway / Cherry Boy, Cutie Boy
    Fifi and the Mach III

  20. F EAR LES S
    Karl Mullen

  21. Don't Put Me Down / Self-Important Girl
    The Kwyet Kings

  22. No More / Panty Sniffer
    Mondo Topless

  23. 1995 / Freespeedin' / Tilt City
    The Hellacopters

  24. I Wanna Kill You / They Were Doin' The Pogo
    The Nervebreakers

  25. Politics / My Life Is Ruined / I Can't Help You / My Girlfriend Is a Rock
    The Nervebreakers

  26. Hijack The Radio / Why Am I So Flipped
    The Nervebreakers

  27. Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls / I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
    The Nervebreakers

  28. Real Talk / Without You

  29. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby / I'm Gonna Get You Yet
    Gore Gore Girls

  30. Strange Little Girl / Green Fuz (Live)
    Miracle Workers

  31. My Catalina / Contagion / Down By The Old Mill Stream
    The Hentchmen

  32. You Little Nothing / Casting My Spell / Charm Bag
    The Gories

  33. Pagan Baby / Bad Cup Of Coffee
    Go To Blazes

  34. My Time To Leave / From Above
    Mystic Eyes

  35. Just About Due / What Goes On
    The Little Wretches

  36. Just What You Need / Best Feel Good Movie / Play The Slay Bells
    The Meanies

  37. I Live Alone / Hand in Hand
    The Cynics

  38. Way It's Gonna Be / Roadrunner
    The Cynics

  39. 69 / Friday Night
    The Cynics

  40. Bonograph (Split Single)
    The Cynics / Frampton Brothers

  41. I'll Wait / 13 O'Clock
    The Cynics

  42. Wonderin' Why? / Dwellin'
    Thee Cellar Dwellers


  44. Send Me A Postcard / Hello Darkness
    The DT'S

  45. Back Off Me
    Bobkat '65

  46. Paint It Blacker

  47. RockNRoll - 30th Anniversary Reissue

  48. What a World
    Paint Fumes

  49. Stars Align
    The Ugly Beats

  50. Out of Touch
    Nox Boys

  51. Four Times a Fool / Pain Everynight

  52. Getting Stronger / In My head Again
    Paint Fumes

  53. Eso No Está Bien Pequeña / Like Two Little Kids
    The Sights

  54. We're Gonna Drive on Sunshine
    Slim Forsythe

  55. I’ll Always Be Around / Transparent Day
    Higher State

  56. The Ballad of Punxsutawney Phil / Down on My Knees at Nied's Hotel Again
    Slim Forsythe

  57. This Lonely Road

  58. This Is Slim Forsythe
    Slim Forsythe

  59. Silvaticus
    The Baron Four

  60. High in the Mountain
    Stephen Sciulli

  61. The Goat / Breakfast
    Weird Omen

  62. Split Single
    Davie Allan / Pow Wows

  63. I'm a Living Sickness / Flight Reaction (Instrumental)
    The Calico Wall

  64. No Place to Hide / Hard Times
    The Cynics

  65. First Step
    Zack Keim

  66. Split EP
    Trash Bag / SIKES

  67. 1979-1982

  68. Some Kind of Animal
    Some Kind of Animal

  69. Slim Forsythe's Greatest Hits
    Slim Forsythe

  70. If It Ain't Paint Fumes It Ain't Worth a Huff.
    Paint Fumes

  71. The Maggie's Marshmallows
    The Maggie's Marshmallows

  72. This Will Pass
    Viv and the Sect

  73. Hopped Up / Nowhere Girl

  74. In My Mind / My Baby's Cruel
    The Pip Squeeks

  75. Gwani / Time

  76. I Don't Mind / Things Are Getting Better
    The Baron Four

  77. Bizarro Hymns
    Sonny Vincent

  78. So Alone / Guilt
    The Tomb Weavers

  79. Broken Curses
    Pow Wows

  80. Come Along / Born Loser
    The Maggie's Marshmallows

  81. Why Do You Treat Me So Bad? EP
    The Misanthropes

  82. Brand New Day
    The Ugly Beats

  83. Stompede
    The Cavestompers!

  84. Nox Boys
    Nox Boys

  85. Twin Language

  86. Prime Numbers

  87. Supernatural Beauty / Beautiful (In the Morning)

  88. Shock Corridor / First World Rag
    Pow Wows

  89. So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time...
    The Breakup Society

  90. Into Your Ears
    The Ripe

  91. Killing Me / No. Thirteen
    Pow Wows

  92. Nightmare Soda
    Pow Wows

  93. All These Strange Ghosts
    Rainy Day Saints

  94. Spinning Wheel Motel
    The Cynics

  95. Hijack the Radio!
    The Nervebreakers

  96. Kung Pao Au Go-Go
    The Authorities

  97. Soundtrack for Trouble EP
    The Authorities

  98. Take It / I Need
    Baby Woodrose

  99. Motor!
    The Ugly Beats

  100. Sonidos Rocanrol!!!
    Los Explosivos

  101. Freaking Out
    Mondo Topless

  102. It's Hard to Imagine...
    The Mullens

  103. Broken Toys / Thank You
    Angel Kaplan

  104. The Phone / Love Killer / Chainsaw Times
    Killer Barbies

  105. Edge of Forever
    Aviation Blondes

  106. Freedom / Don't Mess with Cupid
    The Dt's

  107. Los Explosivos
    Los Explosivos

  108. Os Haxixins
    Os Haxixins

  109. Reflected
    Rainy Day Saints

  110. Masquerade
    The Legendary Tiger Man

  111. (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas
    The Sir Finks

  112. Nobody Likes a Winner
    The Breakup Society

  113. Here We Are
    The Cynics

  114. Nonetheless Blues
    The Resonars

  115. Rock'N'Roll
    The Cynics

  116. Take a Stand
    The Ugly Beats

  117. Filthy Habits
    The Dt's

  118. Mystified / Too Much Woman (For a Henpecked Man)
    The Dt's

  119. Grass Is Always Greener (On the Other Side): Get Hip Recordings Sampler 2006
    Various Artists

  120. Nice 'N' Ruff: Hard Soul Hits! Vol. 1
    The Dt's

  121. Take It Slow
    Mondo Topless

  122. Diamond Star Highway
    Rainy Day Saints

  123. An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge
    The Creatures of the Golden Dawn

  124. Don't Tell Me It's Wrong / He's in Town
    The Fevers

  125. Seal the Deal
    The Last Vegas

  126. New Salem Witch Hunters
    New Salem Witch Hunters

  127. Terminal Cool: Anthology 83-86
    The Stems

  128. Heel 'n' Wheels
    High School Sweethearts

  129. Bring on the Sweetlife
    The Mainliners

  130. Bring on the Beats!
    The Ugly Beats

  131. The Bamboo Kids
    The Bamboo Kids

  132. Tall Tales
    The Priests

  133. Girl's Gotta Learn
    Fortune & Maltese

  134. Harder and Harder
    The Paybacks

  135. Monday Morning Smile

  136. Beautiful Scars
    Jet Lag

  137. James at 35
    The Breakup Society

  138. Buick MacKane / Born to Lose (Live)
    The Cynics

  139. Lick 'Em & Leave 'Em
    The Last Vegas

  140. Saturday's Haze
    Rainy Day Saints

  141. Wild Emotions
    Preacher's Kids

  142. Through the Windshield
    The Chargers Street Gang

  143. Hi-Fi Honey Revisited
    The Frantic Flattops

  144. Disco Still Sucks!
    The Swamp Rats

  145. Beat Is Murder: Cockfights & Cakefights 1992-1996
    The Spectors

  146. Welcome to Dumpsville
    Shutdown 66

  147. On Top of Things!
    The Chains

  148. Go Fast!
    Mondo Topless

  149. Living Is the Best Revenge
    The Cynics

  150. Lunar Kit
    The Resonars

  151. Up All Night
    Gore Gore Girls

  152. Knock Loud
    The Paybacks

  153. Strange Girls
    Gore Gore Girls

  154. Doin' Me In / Last Day
    The Cynics

  155. Turn Me Loose / You've Never Had It Better
    The Cynics

  156. ...Throttle
    The Razzels

  157. Holy the Bop Apocalypse
    The Chargers Street Gang

  158. God Made Me the Raven / Rock Bottom

  159. Go to Hell
    Rocket 455

  160. Tough to Tell
    The Mullens

  161. Soulful Sounds From Soulville
    Various Artists

  162. Red-Eyed and Tongue-Tied
    Silver Tongued Devil

  163. Tiny Crustacean Light Show
    Donovan's Brain

  164. Pajama Party
    The Irving Klaws

  165. Cold Cinder / Sevens

  166. We Want Everything!
    The Nervebreakers

  167. Passing Notes
    High School Sweethearts

  168. Rock-N-Roll Murder
    The Frantic Flattops

  169. Thrill Show!
    Highway 13

  170. Eclipse and Debris
    Donovan's Brain

  171. Introducing...
    The Arondies

  172. Get Lost
    The Sons of Hercules

  173. Bright and Dark
    The Resonars

  174. Go Where the Action Is
    The Mullens

  175. The Pervasonic Sounds of...
    The Irving Klaws

  176. Dark Side of the Spoon
    The Nitwitz

  177. Stacked Up (And Get It!)
    The Mount McKinleys

  178. The Indescribable High Rise Sounds of Today!
    The Mount McKinleys

  179. Suck My First Impression
    The Razzels

  180. The Sabre Records Story
    Various Artists

  181. Hit & Run!
    Link Protrudi & the Jaymen

  182. All Night Stand: The Best of (1980-1992)
    Manual Scan

  183. Spare Parts
    Electric Frankenstein

  184. Ballin'
    Steel Miners

  185. Find a Way / Single White Female
    High School Sweethearts

  186. Voodoo's Eros
    Mr. Zero

  187. Autosuggestion

  188. I'm Alone / Come on Shit / High Tension Love / Hit It
    The Jet Boys

  189. Come On / Cutie Named Judy
    The Dropouts

  190. Follow Me Down

  191. Carelessly Restored Art
    Donovan's Brain

  192. Colonial Root Cellar
    New Salem Witch Hunters

  193. The Story So Far...
    The Lears

  194. Been Up to the Devil's Business
    Highway 13

  195. Smoke This and Walk / Splash 1
    13 Frightened Girls

  196. The Mullens
    The Mullens

  197. Head and the Hares
    Head and the Hares

  198. Sinisteria!
    Sinister Six

  199. Hit Me, in the Face / 50,000,000 Years (Before My Time)
    Donovan's Brain

  200. Kings of Cheezy EP
    Los Ass-Draggers

  201. Live at the Palladium 1979
    The Huns

  202. Motherfucker 666
    Motherfucker 666

  203. Everything Is Falling Apart

  204. The Dummies
    The Dummies

  205. Hot Sauce & Happenings
    New Salem Witch Hunters

  206. Squarification
    The Squares

  207. Puppy Love
    The Authorities

  208. Portrait of a Mindbender
    Mount McKinleys

  209. Past...Forward
    The Mod Fun

  210. Porn Star Haircut / The Bag
    The Bottom Feeders

  211. Shotgun / I Can Tell

  212. The Whole World Is Watching
    Mystic Eyes

  213. Moxie's Revenge
    Miracle Workers

  214. Making Time / T.V. Sound

  215. The Original Recordings 1965-1967
    Los Mockers

  216. Sound of Poverty: Anyway Singles 92-93
    Various Artists

  217. Get Our Way
    The Cynics

  218. Sixteen Flights Up
    The Cynics

  219. Wild Woman / Head in the Shed
    Date Bait

  220. Blue Train Sessions
    The Cynics

  221. No Siesta Tonite: Live In Madrid 1990
    The Cynics

  222. Private Suicide / All These Streets
    The Cynics

  223. Drive It Off
    Big Chief

  224. Flip, Flop & Fly / He's My Everything
    '68 Comeback

  225. I'm Gone / Let's Have a Party!
    The Dummies

  226. Gun Lighter Cricket

  227. Krave On!
    Kravin' "A"s

  228. Grooveyard
    Trash Vegas

  229. In a Fury!
    The M-80'S

  230. Brimstone & Bottlerockets
    Gone in Sixty Seconds

  231. Learn to Lose
    The Cynics

  232. No Way / Dancing on the Wall
    The Cynics

  233. Jim Motherfucker / Spine

  234. Liar / Who Will Survive?
    Barbed Wire Dolls

  235. Girl Don’t Tell Me / Strawberry Fields Forever

  236. Empty Head / One Difference
    The Hoods

  237. Anyway Any Girl / Now I'm Alone
    American Soul Spiders

  238. Right Here With You / Learn to Lose
    The Cynics

  239. Kick in the Head / Piece of the Rock
    Gone in Sixty Seconds

  240. 500 Reasons / Drive It Off
    Big Chief

  241. What's Right
    Half Life

  242. Get My Way / Goin' Away
    The Cynics

  243. Killing Me EP
    Barbed Wire Dolls

  244. Get Down and Double Check / Built Like an Ordeal
    Big Chief

  245. But You're Gone / You Don't Need Me
    The Brood

  246. Every Night & Day EP
    The Cybermen

  247. I Don't Need You / Girl, You're on My Mind
    The Cynics

  248. E-bone / Spreadin' Thin / Tear Me Up
    Thee Evolution Revolution

  249. Shrivel Up and Die / Mississippi Queen

  250. I Need You There / You Got Me
    The Brood

  251. Our Time to Leave!
    Mystic Eyes

  252. I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining / Smoke Rings
    The Cynics

  253. Search and Destroy / Lesbian Grudge Match


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